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Massage and reflex massage are ancient techniques in health care. They loosen cramped and overexerted muscles, allow joints to move more freely, bring about emotional relaxation and have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole
" B o d y   -   S o u l   -   M i n d "
Frohne’s original Pedimol consists of essential oils of medicinal herbs now well-known and a comfortable skin care basis. The fresh herbal scent is the characteristic quality of this ointment, which results in a general feeling of well-being during a massage. After physical exertion, either from work or exercise, after the sauna or just in the morning – a massage with genuine Steinefrenz medicinal herbal ointment will bring you to a state of vitality and freshness.


Frohne’s original Pedimol should be applied onto slightly moist skin, e.g. after a shower or bath with light massage strokes. For extended massages, the glideability of this ointment can be extended with a few drops of water. A massage can also be given several times daily to reinforce the beneficial effect.


Everyone should take advantage of this particularly in foot care because the feet will show their gratitude with a high level of function up to a very advanced age. Therefore it is a good idea to take a foot bath with a subsequent massage using this beneficial medicinal herbal ointment which results in the highest level of comfort, particularly after hiking or activities that require standing. For refreshment on hot days and following physical and emotional exertions, the temple, forehead and neck can be moistened with a drop of Steinefrenz medicial herbal ointment.
A short string of it dissolved in hot water improves the room climate and refreshes and frees up the breathing. The genuine Steinefrenz medicial herbal ointment is also suitable for hand care in industry, trade, commerce, emergency care, food service, agriculture and the household as well as professional use in therapeutic massage.

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